Mattress protector for an undisturbed night's sleep

Mattress protector – for an undisturbed night’s sleep

For people with incontinence, the night can be a stress test. Because the constant fear of wetting yourself or not making it to the toilet in time doesn't allow for a peaceful night.

And people who sweat profusely while sleeping can also be plagued by restless nights in which they have to frequently change clothes and bed linen.

A mattress protector can be a great relief here because it protects your mattress from liquids. Since it is well known that sensible mattresses are not cheap and therefore understandably should not be soiled, a mattress protector reduces the uncertainty factor.

The benefits of a mattress protector

A good mattress protector is waterproof and particularly absorbent, so that the mattress is not soiled by leaking body fluids such as urine or sweat and the person is protected from getting wet. This means you can benefit from your mattress for longer and have the best possible protection at night.

Further properties for good mattress protection:

• Washable at high temperatures (disinfection)
• Removable
• Breathable

What types of mattress protection are there?

You can purchase a mattress protector in different variations. Depending on your needs, protection can be provided by a smaller incontinence pad that is placed on top of the fitted sheet that has already been covered. To protect the entire mattress, special waterproof fitted sheets or mattress protectors can be used.

In our shop you can purchase the following products to protect your mattress:

Incontinence pad

Our Sensalou incontinence pads are available in different sizes and are placed on the lying surface where liquids could escape and stain the mattress.

They are equipped with a total of four crackle- and rustle-free layers on the inside. An absorbent fleece layer safely absorbs liquids so that the sleeping person is protected from moisture. A non-slip barrier layer on the bottom ensures safety and optimal leakage protection.

The materials of the Sensalou pads are breathable and have a material feel, so you don't feel like you're lying on plastic. They are also reusable as they can be washed at 95°C and can also be tumble dried.

mattress protector

Our waterproof Sensalou mattress protectors are placed on the mattress and fitted with rubber at the corners to fit precisely. This means the entire mattress is protected from leaking liquids.

They are made of a moisture-impermeable polyurethane with a surface made of pleasant terry cotton. The mattress protector can be washed at a maximum of 90°C and dried at low temperatures.

Fitted sheet

Our Sensalou waterproof fitted sheet is also made from a liquid-impermeable polyurethane and has a soft surface made from breathable and absorbent terry cotton.

It can be put on your mattress like a normal fitted sheet and is still a reliable mattress protector. It is also suitable for allergy sufferers and offers bacteria protection.

If you have any specific questions about our Sensalou products, please feel free to contact us.